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Zen Bento Menu

Pick A Bento

Served with fresh steamed veggies over rice and your choice of sauce.

Chicken Bento | Tofu Bento | Veggie Bento | Beef Bento | Salmon Bento | Ahi Bento



Fresh cabbage, rice, sesame seeds & our own ginger soy dressing. Topped with yummy chicken OR in place of chicken, you may choose from any of the above items...(veggie, tofu, beef, salmon or ahi).


ZB Cookies

Large quantities of these delicious cookies are available by special order.

Sauces, Sides & Beverages

Available Sauces

Teriyaki – mild & light
Bonzai – mild balsamic vinegar & honey
Ginger Soy – mild, sweet & tangy
Z-Nut – mildly spicy peanut sauce
Zen – medium hot sweet chili
Kamikaze* – a spicy chili-garlic sauce
*Great as an accent sauce or all by itself

Sides & Beverages

Green onions on any meal by request.
Brown Rice (in place of white rice)
Noodles (in place of white rice)
Extra Veggies on any meal
Side Chicken or Tofu
Side of Beef
Side of Veggies
White Rice (w/sauce)
Side of Sauce
Small Soda (fountain)
Large Soda (fountain)
Soda (can)
Bottled water
Bottled Teas

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